Suzuki isn't a name most people haven't heard of, in fact, we're rather confident that most of you will have turned your heads following the sound of a legendary GSX-R as it roars past you, dominating the street. Seriously well crafted, each and every model that populates that Suzuki range adds class, confidence and character like no other motorcycle out there. And who said you can't buy charisma?

For us, our pick lies within the beautiful GSX-R1000. Who can resist the metallic blue curves and alluring growl as you take on the track or the high-street but nevertheless, we offer their full motorcycle and scooter range here at Orwell, along with selected models that you'll find in our previously-loved used bikes range. We also offer riders their latest offers, giving you access to a new bike for much less, sometimes with even more for your money. Why not browse the range today and find your next dream ride?