Raising roof on KTM off-road display area

The new display area for our KTM off-road motorbikes is almost finished.

We’ve now installed a false ceiling, with built-in lighting, in the dedicated area.

The final job is to remove part of a wall to open up the former store so it becomes an extension of the showroom.

Sam Cook, one of our technicians, has created some bespoke motorbike art for the walls.

We took an old Suzuki GS500 apart and he welded the parts into frames to create modern art panels for the walls. Looking like a giant model kit, one features the engine in two halves, front forks and chain, another the frame, swinging arm, wheels and the other body panels.

All have been powder-coated in different colours and the end result is very eye-catching.

We hope to have up to 20 motorbikes on display in there when it is finished and an area where we can takes pictures of our used bikes for sale.