Dedicated off-road KTM display area taking shape

Work is under way to create a new dedicated display area for our KTM off-road motorbikes.

The walls have been clad in wood, in the same style as the Kawasaki display area, and new flooring has been laid.

This off-road display area might become part of the main showroom later but we’re also considering installing a mezzanine floor or a suspended ceiling.

Director Dave Willis said: “At the moment it’s work in progress to move the off-road KTMs in there to give them a dedicated area and free up some space in the main showroom.

“We don’t want to rush into it, as we might want to integrate this new area into the main showroom.”

It’s the first time we’ve sold dedicated off-road motorbikes and the KTM Enduro and MX models need a separate area.

“It’s important to separate the KTM street and off-road bikes and products, to give them their own identity, as they appeal to different customers and markets,” he added.