Workshop geared up for winter blast from the past

It’s not only new bikes getting special treatment from our workshop during the winter. Some classic bikes are also being given TLC to get them ready for the road.

We’ve been working on a lovely 1985 Kawasaki GPZ600R and recently took in a classic Yamaha RD125 twin.

Director Rob Walters said: “This time of the year is also a good time for people to book in older bikes that they want to get back on the road as we have more time to work on them.”

Because parts are not so readily available and have to be ordered in, which involves waiting for them, work on these older bikes can be fitted in between other jobs as ongoing projects.

“Just give us a call and we can carry out an assessment, list what needs to be done and estimate the cost.

“We can help with any specialist work for a bike restoration project you are carrying out over the winter.”

He said that carburettors were a problem on old bikes that had not been used for a while because modern petrol, which contained ethanol, didn’t always agree with them.

Winter was an ideal time to sort out any problems on old bikes as the workshop was very busy with servicing during summer months.

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