Why we really value your used motorbike

Now is a great time to trade in your motorbike with used values particularly strong.

There’s currently a shortage of good, used stock and that is reflected in residual values.

Sales manager Mark Trench said: “Used motorbike values have rarely been as strong as they are now.”

We normally like to have 50 to 70 used motorbikes in stock but currently have 30 to 40.

There are several reasons why used bikes are not as plentiful as they were. These include:

  • New bike sales have not kept up with used bike purchases
  • More used bikes being sold abroad. A weaker Pound makes used bikes from the UK good value
  • When buying another motorbike, more people are keeping the old one too so they’re not part-exchanging or selling it privately
  • Showroom closures, due to coronavirus restrictions, mean fewer new bikes have been sold, so reducing trade-ins
  • Covid lockdowns and restrictions on travelling mean more people are happy to look further afield for the right used bike and have it delivered. We’re now selling used bikes across the UK, rather than just in East Anglia

“So many of our customers have got multiple bikes,” said Mark.

“We’re always on the lookout for good-quality used motorbikes.

“We’re now selling used bikes around the country. With showrooms shut, people are having to buy online so distance is not an issue.”

Check out our stock of quality used motorbikes at orwell.co.uk/used-bikes-ipswich