Welcome to 72 plate and some new 2023 stock

Mention September and many people think of the new registration plate.

While March’s new registration is bigger, with motorcyclists keen to get the new plate ahead of summer, September is still exciting, especially for new owners.

We have lots of 72-plate motorbikes going out this month but, with the supply of new bikes limited, many riders are just happy to actually take delivery.

Dave Willis said: “Interestingly, when September comes, you’re getting towards the end of the traditional riding season.

“People are still taking 22-plate bikes right up until mid-August because they want to get the miles in because the sun’s out and they don’t want to wait another couple of weeks for the new registration plate.

“With stock shortages, people aren’t waiting like they used to for the new registration,” he explained.

And, with many people financing motorbikes using personal contract purchase plans with a guaranteed minimum residual value, the registration and year is not so important.

On the subject of stock, we have a good range of KTM street and off-road motorbikes, a limited number of Kawasakis left because some models have sold out for this model year and some Suzukis.

The good news is that the stock situation seems to be easing as manufacturers gear up with new model-year machines.

Kawasaki’s carryover 2023 model-year line-up is expected to start arriving in the showroom in late September.

One model, eagerly awaited by riders who have outstanding orders, is the ‘Yellow Ball’ Z900RS SE, which has just been voted ‘Best Retro’ by Motorcycle News in the 2022 MCN Awards.

“We’re now taking orders again for the Z900RS SE so, if you’re after one, get an order in sooner rather than later as Kawasaki is now releasing some more.

“Kawasaki is doing the same colour scheme for the Z900RS SE next year so it’s worth getting an order in now for next summer.”

There are also updated colours for Kawasaki’s Z900RS, Z650RS, Z900, Z900SE, Ninja 1000SX and Vulcan S.

Suzuki has also started supplying more stock with naked GSX-S and faired GSX-R125s available again and we’re still waiting for more news on the new Address and Avenis 125 scooters. We also hope hints of a couple of new models for 2023 will soon be confirmed.

We’re getting a good number of 2023 KTM enduro bikes, as we’re currently in its dirt bike build campaign before it starts production of 2023 road bikes.

“This is the time of year when the 2023 off-road dirt bikes come in. KTM has two build periods each year and is currently concentrating on its off-road range.”

Our stock is mainly two and four-stroke enduro bikes and some 65 and 85cc mini bikes for children.

We’ve already sold most of our special Six Days, named after the famed International Six Days Enduro, and Erzbergrodeo, after the Austrian enduro event, models but there is healthy demand for the rest of the off-road range.

The KTM enduro models tend to sell all-year-round, for riding both on and off road.

Sales manager Mark Trench said: “KTM off-road bikes are selling fast as the brand is very popular.

“We’re now coming to the season for off-roading. Our KTM street bike sales drop off and people then look to pick up a KTM enduro bike and continue their riding in the cooler, wetter months.”

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