Website becoming more user-friendly

Regular visitors to our website may have noticed we’ve been making some changes to give visitors a better experience.

The used bike section is more mobile-friendly, for those using smartphones and tablets, with continual scrolling through the stock of models rather than having to click on further pages to see more motorbikes.

The search functions are also better and you can filter by category, such as price, make, model, mileage or age to find exactly what you want more quickly.

It’s a similar story with the online shop, although there have inevitably been a few teething problems while the transition takes place to improve both the front and back ends of the website.

Director Dave Willis said: “It’ll be much easier to find things on the website and more user-friendly on mobile devices.

“Unfortunately, it’s inevitable you get some teething problems and, while some people are furloughed, it’s taking a bit longer than we would like.

“It’s getting there and, once it’s finished, it’ll be so much easier to use.”