Waterproof luggage has loads going for it

Carrying clothes and clobber for a short break can be a problem if your trusty sled does not have panniers or a topbox.

That’s when soft luggage that can be easily fitted, or carried on your back, comes into its own.

But there‘s also the issue of the temperamental British weather so you need waterproof luggage to keep everything dry.

Oxford’s Aqua Bags are one of the easiest ways to carry your gear and keep it safe and dry.

They are made from tough PVC tarpaulin welded to form waterproof seams.

There are lots of options, in black and hi-vis finishes - we stock some of the most popular items but can order other products too.

Our stock includes:

  • Aqua S8 – an eight-litre strap-on tank bag, £49.99
  • Aqua V12 – 12-litre backpack, £49.99, in black and fluo
  • Aqua V20 – 20-litre backpack, £64.99, in black, fluo and orange
  • Aqua B25 – 25-litre backpack, £79.99, in black, black/fluo, black/grey/fluo and khaki/black
  • Aqua T50 – 50-litre roll bag which can be strapped on the rear seat, £79.99, in black, grey/blackblack/grey/fluo and khaki/black
  • Aqua P32 – two 16-litre strap-on panniers, £139.99
  • Aqua D – three waterproof, lightweight, durable and dust-resistant dry bags (five, seven and 12 litres) which can be filled and packed into luggage to make sure is kept clean and dry, £25

Richard Paine, general manager, said Oxford Aqua luggage had roll-tops so were fully waterproof.

“The benefit of Oxford Aqua luggage is that it’s fully waterproof, expandable and easy to put on and take off as required and store when not being used.”

Check out more luggage options at orwell.co.uk/shop/parts-and-accessories/luggage