Top tips to get back on road safely

It’s Easter weekend, the clocks have gone forward and British Summer Time has begun.

If you’ve not already done so, now is the time to get your motorbike back on the road after the winter lay-off.

Before you take to the road, check your bike over carefully, give it some extra TLC and remember that your riding skills may need bringing up to speed again.

General manager Richard Paine has some helpful tips to get you and your motorbike back on the road safely:

  • Check the bike’s service record and MOT status to make sure it is legal and does not require any scheduled maintenance. If it needs a service, book it in as soon as possible because lots of riders are also taking their motorbikes out of winter storage and our workshop is very busy.
  • Give the motorbike a good visual inspection to make sure everything is attached securely and nothing is broken. This can be combined with giving it a clean to remove any dust, assuming you put it away clean for storage.
  • Check the drive chain and sprockets and, if necessary, adjust, clean and lubricate.
  • Check oil, water and brake fluid levels – top up if needed.
  • Clean and lubricate the chain.
  • Make sure the brakes run freely and are not rubbing. Check they work correctly.
  • Do all the lights work? Front and rear lights, brake lights, indicators, instruments and warning lights.
  • Is the horn working?
  • Check the tyres for wear or cracking, tread depth, damage or bulges. Inflate to the correct pressures.

“Remember how long it takes to warm a set of tyres up in cold weather,” said Richard.

Many riders reckon it can take seven to 10 minutes, and several miles of accelerating and braking, to get tyres up to working temperature.

“Bear in mind you might not have ridden your motorbike for several months so take it easy,” he added.

If you find your motorbike needs some maintenance, call our workshop on 01473 257401 or email