Time to give winter clothing some TLC

With the weather turning colder, as well as wetter, hardy all-year bikers will be turning to their warm, waterproof clothing ahead of winter.

But, just like your motorbike, clothing needs some care and attention to keep it looking good and working at its best.

So, if you’re not upgrading your protective motorbike kit, it makes sense to clean and reproof it so it has the best chance of keeping you warm and dry.

We carry a range of specialist products for cleaning and protecting fabric and leather motorbike jackets, trousers, boots, gloves and helmets including:

  • Nikwax Tech Wash (£1.99) to clean waterproof textiles
  • Nikwax TX-Direct water-proofing spray (£8.99) for wet weather clothing
  • Nikwax Fabric and Leather Proof spray (£5.99) to protect gloves and boots
  • Nikwax Leather Cleaner (£5.99)
  • Nikwax Leather Restorer (£6.99)
  • Putoline Leather Wax (£8.35)
  • Nikwax Visor Proof (£5.99)
  • Muc-Off Helmet, Visor and Goggle Cleaning Kit (£12.99) – ideal for storing under your seat or in luggage. You can also refill it from bigger bottles that we also supply

Dave Forster, parts, clothing and accessories manager, says Nikwax Tech Wash is a specialist cleaner that does not clog clothing’s waterproof membrane so the fabric can breathe. Once cleaned, the fabric can be treated with Nikwax TX-Direct water-proofing spray.

“You rely on the inner membrane for waterproofing but this product helps stop the outer layer soaking in so much water.”

Once leather clothing has been cleaned, it needs to be protected with a product that feeds it.

“When giving your leathers a really good clean it’s like skin. You have to clean it and then moisturise it to stop it cracking.

“If you scrub your skin with a really hard soap, it gets dry,” he said.