These boots were made for riding

Motorcycling journalist Andy Russell reviews Rev’It Marshall boots...

Traditional motorbike boots offer protection but are not the most fashionable footwear if you’re going for the smart-casual look.

I’d been looking for a pair of motorbike boots that combined classy practicality with protection to avoid having to change footwear when going out or visiting customers on two wheels.

Nothing seemed to fit the bill until I discovered the Rev’It Marshall boots which are as good as they look and work brilliantly with motorbike jeans.

Waxing applied to the full-grain cowhide leather means the boots repel water, while a gusseted tongue keeps out water. I was sceptical but my feet were still dry after a 220-mile ride in rain.

I’d also given them a coat of waterproofing wax, used for walking boots, and buffed it off once it had soaked in. Then a coat of brown shoe polish left them smart and shiny but, if you prefer, you can retain the matt finish.

Even with a reinforced heel and toe, anatomically-shaped ankle cup and a gear shifter pad on each boot, they are extremely comfortable so you can wear them all day.

At first they felt a little stiff and snug but soon moulded to my feet.

The chunky rubber sole gives good grip and, apart from the gear-shifter pad and subtle reflective strip on the back, it’s easy to think they are just fashionable footwear rather than specialist motorbike boots.

I’ve had plenty of compliments about the Rev’It Marshall boots from both fellow riders and non-bikers who also took a shine to what they just saw as stylish boots suitable for the smart set.

I’ve worn these boots for all my riding for the past couple of months and they are showing no sign of wear.

They’re not the cheapest boots at £189.99 but certainly bear out the saying that ‘you get what you pay for’.