Taylor brings new order to parts department

Meet Taylor Stewart who has joined our parts department.

Taylor is responsible for booking orders in and out, letting customers know when they are ready to collect and posting them out. With the current Covid restrictions having shut the showroom, it’s an important job.

They are skills he used in his last job and retail experience he gained in a previous role also comes to the fore when helping out ‘front of house’ in the parts department.

Ipswich boy Taylor, 19, was keen to join the Orwell Motorcycles team.

“I’m enjoying working here and the staff are very friendly,” he said.

“I like talking to all the customers because I’m a people person.”

He passed his motorcycle test, having bought a Yamaha MT125 in July, but recently sold it to upgrade his car.

But he plans to get another motorbike. Well, he’s certainly in the right place.