Taking stock of success on a plate

March is always a busy month with the new registration but this year will be even busier. We’re delighted because it means life is getting back to normal.

The Covid crisis meant stock shortages for all brands, resulting from factory closures and a lack of parts, and customers facing long waits for their cherished orders to be built and delivered.

Sales manager Mark Trench said: “The big thing with new registrations this year is the improvement in stock availability.

“A lot of manufacturers have produced more motorbikes but, previously, we had issues with stock supply and not being able to get the right models and right colours.

“It’s not completely gone but it has improved vastly.”

Motorbike brands have pushed the factories to secure stock for the UK market which is helping dealers.

“They know we can only sell what we can get,” he said. “We’ve had two years of placing your order and then having to twiddle our thumbs and wait for it to arrive. Now we know when it is coming and we’ve been able to secure stock. That’s a really positive change.”

It means our March new bike registrations will be up on the past couple of years.

The weather has also helped.

“This year people started thinking about changing their motorbike a little earlier because we’ve had a mild off-season.”

If we don’t have the right model in stock, or readily available, customers are likely to have to wait only weeks, rather than months, for delivery.

Thinking of buying a new motorbike? Contact our sales team on 01473 257401 or email sales@orwell.co.uk