Take a tour of our soft luggage

If your holiday plans are up in the air this year, due to the Covid-19 crisis, it is a great excuse to go touring on your motorbike.

Two-wheel freedom is also a great way to self-isolate and social distance!

You don’t need a huge touring bike, fully kitted with hard-shell panniers and boxes, to get you started.

We’ve seen more people coming to us for advice about touring and buying soft, strap-on luggage for their bikes.

Daniel Williams, one of our parts, clothing and accessories advisers, said: “Soft luggage is ideal for short duration trips, such as a weekend away, and it takes up less room to store when not on the bike.”

We can supply universal panniers, tailpacks, tank bags and backpacks which are quick and easy to fit.

“You can just strap them on your bike when you want them without the need for a fitting kit. A lot of riders don’t like the metalwork frame left on their bike once the luggage has been removed.”

Soft tailpacks can also carry more weight than hard-shell boxes because they sit directly on the pillion part of the seat.

Some tailpacks can be fitted with a strap to turn them into a shoulder holdall so they can be carried easily.

We stock three ranges – Kriega, Oxford and KTM.

Dave Forster, parts, clothing and accessories manager, said the premium Kriega products, including panniers and tail, back and waist packs, sell well. They come in a wide range of sizes.

Kriega Drypacks, from five to 30 litres, can be strapped together to build your ideal luggage system fitted on the rear seat or used as a tank bag with a conversion kit.

The Oxford range also features tank bags.

Strap-on luggage doesn’t just have to be used for short breaks away. You can also fit if you need to carry some shopping home… another good excuse to visit our showroom!

You can see our full range of luggage available from our online shop at orwell.co.uk/shop/luggage