Suzuki’s hot Hayabusa hyperbike selling fast

Suzuki Hayabusa fans are clearly impressed with the new hyperbike and we’ve sold three already.

We had one of the third-generation ‘Busas’ from Suzuki’s national demo fleet for a week in late April and six test rides resulted in two more orders to add to the one we had already sold.

Our contribution means Suzuki GB has now sold a total of 156 Hayabusas.

If you missed the first visit of the 190PS, 1,340cc Hayabusa demonstrator we’ll have a bike available again for genuine test-rides from 10-17 May and another week from 1 June.

Director Dave Willis said: “The Hayabusa in our showroom is getting a lot of admiring looks from customers and the demo bike is making a big impression with those taking it for a test-ride.”

To find out more about the £16,499 hyperbike, which gets its name from the Japanese for the peregrine falcon which feasted on blackbirds, visit

To book a test ride phone 01473 257401 or email

Watch our Hayabusa test ride video below