Suzuki launches Service Activated Warranty

Suzuki has launched a Service Activated Warranty that covers its motorbikes until they are seven years old or have covered 70,000 miles.

After the standard three-year warranty ends, every time you have a qualifying service with a Suzuki motorbike dealer you get a new Service Activated Warranty that runs until the next service which has to be carried out every 12 months or 7,500 miles.

Suzuki is confident owners will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their motorbike has been serviced by Suzuki-trained technicians using Suzuki Genuine Parts.

Book a service with us and, once it has been done, you receive a unique code and confirmation email and your bike is then covered to the next service.

Dale Allaton, our specialist Suzuki sales executive, said the new Service Activated Warranty was a welcome bonus for customers and would also encourage them to continue Suzuki dealer service after their three-year warranty which should make bikes more desirable when they sell or trade them in.

At Orwell Motorcycles we take pride in the fact we have supplied, serviced and maintained many of our used motorbike stock since they were new so we know their full history. This new Suzuki initiative will help strengthen that loyal customer-dealer relationship and service we strive to achieve.


And KTM has extended its Mobility Service.

All new street motorbikes receive 12 months of European-wide Mobility Service which is extended after each subsequent scheduled service at a KTM dealer until the next service, up to 12 months later.

Single-cylinder motorbikes are covered from the first service until 37,500 miles or eight years while twins are covered for 50,000 miles or eight years (whichever comes first).

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