Suzuki GSX-8R makes its Mark with Trenchie

“I loved the Suzuki GSX-8R. What a great bike on those tight mountain roads,” said Mark Trench, full of enthusiasm for this new sportbike.

Our sales manager rode the new faired GSX-8R, along with the 2024 GSX-S1000GX sports crossover, on a whistlestop dealer event in Valencia, Spain.

Rides of 160km on each of the new models gave him a good insight into their talents.

“The GSX-8R is lovely and easy to ride. The 776cc, parallel-twin engine is silky smooth,” he said.

The suspension has been uprated over the naked GSX-8S, with Showa front forks and rear shock absorber, and the riding position has been tweaked to give it a sportier stance.

He was surprised how roomy the GSX-8R is too. Even a 6ft 3in rider did not feel the pinch.

“It looks really good. Everyone was surprised how great that bike was,” said Mark.

The GSX-S1000GX is a hi-tech, high-rise sports crossover, riding higher than the GSX-S1000GT.

It also has a wealth of electronic rider aids and is the first Suzuki with semi-active electronic suspension and roll torque control.

“The GX was impressive, as you would expect. It took time to get to know and understand it, playing with the semi-active suspension, working through the configurations and adjusting the rear shock pre-load,” he added.

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