Shoei’s new Neotec 3 helmet in stock

Shoei’s new Neotec 3 has joined our extensive range of crash helmets.

An evolution of the Neotec II, this new helmet meets the new ECE 22.06 safety standards after being extensively updated with a host of improvements.

We currently have the flip-front helmet in three colourways. Plain gloss white is £589.99, matt black £619.99 and the graphics finish is £679.99.

The Neotec 3 is prepared for the latest Sena e SRL3 Bluetooth communication system. The SRL3 unit, which fits on the side of the Shoei helmet and costs £339, is smaller and more discreet than previous versions.

We also have a few Neotec II helmets reduced to £419.99.

The Neotec II has been on sale for six years so many early customers will be looking to change their helmet as the five-year warranty will be expiring and five years is considered the lifespan of a helmet.

Daniel Williams, our parts, clothing and accessories manager, said: “On the day the Neotec 3 was launched someone rode a long way specially to buy one from us.”

We’re currently stocking the initial range of helmets but there are more colourways to come.

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