September sales smash monthly record

September certainly lived up to the promise of super sales and delivered another record-breaking month.

After the Covid-19 slowdown earlier in the year, the new 70 registration plate turned September into our best month for more than 10 years, and possibly ever, with a record number of new and used bikes sold.

Director Dave Willis said it being the first September with our new KTM street bikes franchise, alongside Kawasaki and Suzuki, had helped but felt the coronavirus pandemic had also played a part - positive rather than negative.

“I can’t help thinking that some people didn’t spend their money on a holiday in August and bought a bike to get out and about on instead.”

The long, hot summer weather, and concern over using public transport, also helped encourage people on to two wheels.

Suffolk Rider Training, with which we have a close working relationship, have also been kept really busy getting riders on to two wheels.

So it’s a mixture of pent-up demand and more people switching to motorbikes and scooters for work and play – commuting and pleasure.

More used bike sales online have also boosted business. We’ve delivered bikes further afield with customers prepared to buy on our good reputation when they could not visit the showroom to see the bike in the metal.

“September is always one of our better months because sales usually slow down in August because many people are away on holiday,” explained Dave. “With the new registration plate, September sales are usually quite good but normally our fourth best month of the year.

“This year we’ve got another franchise as well and have sold a lot of KTMs. Earlier in the year, there had been some supply issues and it had been harder to get bikes because of Covid-19 shutdowns.

“And there have also been good offers on the run-out Euro 4 bikes,” he added.

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