Scooters - ideal for social-distancing commuting

Taking to two wheels could be an ideal way for commuters returning to work to continue social-distancing as the lockdown eases.

Many people are concerned about using buses and trains and being in confined spaces with strangers. The government is advising people who cannot work from home to avoid using public transport where possible, to reduce pressure on the network.

This could be the trigger for people to convert to two wheels for their daily commute and enjoy the freedom of the popular scooter commuter sector with many learner-legal bikes that are not expensive to buy or run.

Bikes like the Suzuki Address 110 scooter. We can sell you one on a four-year HP finance deal with a £210 deposit for less than £50 a month – that’s less than an Adult TownRider 28 Day Pass on Ipswich Buses which costs £54.

And, at the end of the agreement, you will own the bike outright.

The Suzuki Address step-through, twist-and-go scooter won’t cost a fortune to run either as it’s capable of up to 134mpg but nippy enough to keep up with town traffic. It’s also practical with a storage compartment under the seat.

Director Dave Willis said: “With many people currently deterred from using public transport, we’re hoping they decide to switch to two wheels with a good range of scooters and geared 125 motorbikes for their daily commute into town and getting from A to B easily and efficiently.

“It may open up a whole new world to them” he said.

“With the sunniest spring since records began, and England’s driest May in 124 years, what a great time to get on a bike. Even first thing in the morning the sun is out and shining.

“The freedom of owning a bike, rather than having to wait for a train or a bus, means you’re on your own timescale.”

Don’t just take our word for it – the key benefits of two-wheel commuting, particularly as we exit lockdown, are described on the Unlock Your Freedom website. It can also reduce journey times. A study in Belgium concluded that if just 10% of commuters switched to a powered two-wheeler, journey times for all road users dropped by 40%. Another study found that motorcyclists are 88% more likely to be happier at work.

Tempted? Speak to a member of our sales team to find out how easy it is to take to two wheels.