Scooter commuter ideal for socially-distanced freedom

Fancy swapping the bus for the socially-distanced freedom of the road riding a scooter commuter?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic means more people are riding scooters and small motorbikes to work and steering clear of other people on buses and trains.

Sales manager Mark Trench said: “Commuter bike sales are still really strong and a lot of people are now taking to two wheels rather than using public transport.”

If you’re new to motorised two-wheel transport you can get on the road after a one-day compulsory basic training (CBT) course with our partner Suffolk Rider Training in Ipswich.

“It’s easy to get on the road,” said Mark.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

To prove the point, he created a 60-month HP quote on a Suzuki Address scooter as an example. The indicative monthly payment came out at £47.71 at 7.9% APR. And, with most scooter riders not covering big annual mileage, servicing costs will not break the bank either.

By comparison, an Ipswich Buses adult Town Rider 28-day pass costs £54 and a Country Route adult 28-day pass is £85.

The learner-friendly Address 110 scooter is ideal for short journeys and commuting into and around town.

He said small motorbikes and scooters tended to sell quickly and there was good demand for them all year round.

“The small bike market has been really busy and, unlike bigger models, it’s not seasonal. They sell throughout the year and there’s no jump for the new registration and in the summer. It is good winter business as small bikes tend to be daily transport,” said Mark.

“Shorter journeys, even in winter, are not too bad as scooters have a little bit of protection with leg guards. Some riders have a small bike or a scooter just for commuting.”

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