Saying good ‘buy’ to older stock on eBay

We’re not being idle during the latest lockdown showroom closure. We’re putting any downtime to good use by having a good clearout and making changes.

As well as reorganising the KTM and Suzuki new motorbike display areas, the parts department team is going through the storerooms, tidying them up and selling off old stock on eBay.

There are some bargain buys and fresh old stock is being added to the sale site all the time. But be quick as the sale is proving popular.

Dave Forster, parts, accessories and clothing manager, said: “We’re listing all our older stock, genuine parts and accessories, that have been stored for a long time, on eBay.

“It’s all the stock we’ve been meaning to clear out but never had the time to do so.”

The wide range of goods includes clothing, gloves, boots, exhaust systems, luggage, as well as chain sprocket, clutch plate and maintenance kits.

“Our stock clearout is ongoing so it’s worth people periodically checking our eBay site because there are new items of old stock going on it all the time.

“People currently have the time to search around on eBay for interesting odds and ends,” said Dave.

“We’re pricing the sale items realistically to get rid of this old stock. It’s bringing some money in and also clearing the decks.”

We’re also offering free postage of these sale items or a click-and-collect service for added customer convenience.

Check out our eBay sale of older stock at