Revitalised showroom to reopen on 12 April

We’re pleased (and relieved) to announce that we’ll be reopening the showroom on Monday 12 April. It’s a relief because last year we were closed for the whole of April and May which are really busy months for us. Back then the workshop was also shut which meant we didn’t catch up with bike sales and servicing until October.

Director Dave Willis said: “We were hoping to reopen the showroom sometime in March but 12 April it is. At least we’ll have the bad weather out of the way by then - hopefully.

“It’ll be nice for people to be able to come into the showroom while their bikes are being serviced.”

On the subject of servicing… The mid-April opening is likely to put more pressure on the workshop as we get new bikes ready for delivery and as riders put their bikes back on the road for summer.

Remember: The workshop is already open. It’s been open throughout the current lockdown, albeit with fewer technicians at times, to maintain social distancing in the workshop.

Dave stressed: “It’s worth booking an appointment with the workshop as soon as possible to get your bike serviced and back on the road. Don’t wait until 12 April.”

When the showroom reopens on 12 April, you’ll notice some changes…

  • All the KTM motorbikes, clothing, accessories and merchandise have been brought together in one area running from the showroom entrance to the refreshments area. The first 2021 model-year KTMs start arriving this month and the KTM franchise will be further boosted in June with the arrival of off-road enduro and motocross motorbikes. This is a first for us.
  • Meanwhile, the Suzuki range, and brand ambassador Paul Macaree, have moved into the vacated KTM area overlooking Ranelagh Road.
  • Parts of the showroom have been repainted and we’ve created a new area where we can take photos of our used bikes to advertise them online. Being inside, and away from bright sunshine, the backdrop and lighting will be consistent, whatever the weather. Dave said: “The used stock studio area is an important addition because we’re selling far more pre-owned bikes online and we can now take photos of them inside and from all angles.”

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