Review: Lifting the lid on handy helmet lock

I was spoiled by having a huge topbox, big enough to swallow two bulky full-face helmets, on my adventure tourer.

It doubled up as an overnight case and I carried loads of truck in it… because I could!

When I swapped the Suzuki V-Strom for a Kawasaki Z900RS everyone told me a topbox would spoil this naked sports bike’s retro styling.

I agreed, reluctantly, but my bugbear is having to carry my crash helmet when out and about with nowhere to store it.

Then I discovered the Oxford LidLock, billed as innovative security for motorcycle helmets and clothing.

This lightweight aluminium carabiner has a four-digit combination lock and opens outwards to make it easier to use.

Once opened, it goes through the helmet’s D-rings or, if it has a quick-release buckle, simply insert a special T-Bar which has a hole in the other end to fit on the carabiner.

Then close the carabiner around something secure on your motorbike – I use the grab bar round the back of the seat – and spin the digits to lock it.

It also has a coiled cable for securing clothing but, while it might deter opportunists, I suspect it could be cut with a decent pair of snips.

Priced at £14.98, the Oxford Lidlock fits easily into a jacket pocket or under the motorbike seat so is easy to carry.

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