Record-breaking sales boost business

Business is well and truly up and running again since reopening our showroom, resulting in a record-breaking week for sales.

Director Dave Willis said: “After two and a half months of lovely weather, before reopening the showroom again on 1 June, we were greeted with the first rain for many months which was Sod’s law.

“The first week was quite quiet and then the sun came out and we’ve been absolutely inundated.

“Business has been very good. We had a record week towards the end of June, selling more bikes than ever before.

“We sold as many bikes in one week of June as we did in the whole of May and we’d been pleased with the May performance, given the circumstances.

“The workshop has been booked non-stop, the sales guys have been doing good business and the parts and accessories department has been really busy too.”

Unfortunately, we still can’t have too many customers in the showroom at any one time, or just coming in to meet up and have a coffee, but, hopefully, that will be the norm again soon, once it is allowed.

“We like to have people coming here and hanging out as well as buying bikes and products from us,” he explained.

Customers have also got used to our new automatic hand-sanitising machine near the front door and following the one-way system around the showroom.

“We’re encouraging all visitors, customers and staff to use the hand-sanitiser when they arrive,” said Dave. “And we’re wiping down contact points more regularly.”

Customers can also try on clothing but should ask a member of staff first so the items can then be quarantined for 72 hours.

“It was strange at first but now it has become the norm… and handshakes are a thing of the past!”

With bike sales accelerating, we also now have more used stock. If you’re looking to trade up your bike, check our fresh stock at or visit the showroom.