Quirky ideas for novelty gifts

Christmas is fast approaching so, to help you out, we’ve come up with some bright ideas for novelty fun gifts and stonking stocking fillers for bikers.

This year we’ve even more to offer thanks to adding the KTM street bikes franchise which is accompanied by a wide range of accessories and gifts to suit all budgets.

Our KTM clothing and accessories display area includes T-shirts and hoodies, a novelty garage parking sign and even a foldaway padded chair.

There are also mugs and belts, a twist-grip bottle-opener and, for the younger members of the family, a children’s training bike and helmet and even babies’ bottles and dummies!

James Wright, parts, clothing and accessories adviser, is a keen fan of fun KTM products – he owns a KTM rubber duck!

“KTM has a wide range of novelty gift ideas, something that’s generally more common with European manufacturers,” he said.

Not that our Japanese brands are humbugs when it comes to Christmas...

Kawasaki offers a pack of festive baubles as well as T-shirts, body-warmers, clocks, watches and even babies’ bibs, dummies and T-shirts.

Suzuki offers a range of shirts and hoodies.

You can find our full range of KTM accessories at orwell.co.uk/shop/accessories/ktm-accessories and, if you need some expert advice about novelty gift ideas, James is the man to ask!