Putting on a big show for KTM

This year has been rather disjointed thanks to coronavirus but it seems to be flying by even faster than usual.

It’s hard to believe we’re already approaching the end of the first year as a KTM street bikes franchise. Thanks to Covid-19, we’ve still not been able to have an official launch or even a demo day!

We’re certainly putting in plenty of effort to promote the KTM range of street bikes, accessories and clothing and we got the ‘thumbs-up’ when one of the brand’s retail specialists visited our showroom recently.

That visit inspired us to give the KTM display area layout a subtle revamp to create more space for customers to view the bikes. We’ve also moved the accessories units further into the showroom.

Director Rob Walters said: “It’s all about how best to display the KTM street bikes to make the most of the space.

“It was good to have someone who specialises in displaying KTM’s products to point out we were doing it well and help us put the finishing touches to it too. Little things can make a big difference.

“It’s a fine balance between creating space to see the bikes and getting as many in as possible to hold a wide range of stock.”

The KTM franchise has got off to a strong start despite not being able to do all the promotional events we had planned.

“We’re building the relationship. This European brand works in a different way to the Japanese manufacturers.

“While KTM has drawn new customers into the showroom, it has also brought some old ones back to the business. We’re seeing customers who had moved away from Japanese to European bikes now coming back because we have got KTM.”

You can see the full range of KTM bikes, accessories and clothing at orwell.co.uk/ktm/orwell-ktm-ipswich