Playing our part restoring old Suzukis

We’re not just about modern Suzuki motorbikes. We’re playing our part keeping the marque’s heritage on the road through the Suzuki Vintage Parts Programme.

You might be surprised to learn that genuine Suzuki parts are still available through this dealership for a wide range of classic bikes.

Dave Willis, a director of Orwell Motorcycles, said: “It’s all about getting old Suzukis back on the road.

“If you’re restoring one, get in touch and we’ll try to get you the parts you need. We might even be able to feature your bike at an event or display it in our showroom at the end of the project.”

The programme was launched at Motorcycle Live in 2013, with the iconic RGV250K/L and cult GT750 ‘Kettle’. The list of featured bikes has grown, with the inclusion of the GSX-R750F – one was restored by Suzuki in 2015 to celebrate its 30th anniversary using brand new parts still available from the brand – GS1000, GT750, GT250 X7 and AP50.

The programme expanded with a ‘classic’ section for 1990s’ bikes, featuring the likes of the GSX-R1100K/L and the TL1000S. Suzuki built a brand new TL1000S at the 2014 Motorcycle Live show to highlight its commitment to older bikes and how many parts are still available from new.

More motorcyclists are buying or restoring older machines, perhaps ones they lusted after, or owned, in their youth. With many people hunting parts online, often second-hand and at inflated prices, Suzuki launched the programme to highlight just how many new, genuine parts for older Suzukis were still available at competitive prices.

It has created parts lists and even made workshop manuals available to download to help owners carry out work. As the programme has grown, more models have been added.

Even if a bike hasn’t been added to the Vintage Parts Programme, parts are still available.

Come and see us to find out what stock we hold and what is still available.