Parking plea to log car reg in showroom

When you visit our dealership on four wheels, not two, please remember to log your registration plate when you come into the showroom.

There is a terminal screen in front of you as you come in the main doors. Just type in your car or van reg number to qualify for up to four hours of free parking. Please note that you have to enter your car/van reg number, even if you park at the back of the dealership.

The parking restrictions are not of our making, they’re set by our landlord to deter commuters from parking there all day.

Riders do not have to enter their motorbike’s registration as the camera detects front number plates.

Dave Willis said: “There are signs everywhere but some people forget to put their registration number in.”

We know it’s easy to forget when there’s so much grabbing your attention as you enter the showroom.

We’d hate you to get a parking fine of up to £100 (reduced to £60 if paid within two weeks) - especially when you could spend that money on something for your motorbike or new kit and clothing!