Our efforts pay off with used bikes stock

Our used bike stock is still healthy with nearly 50 models available, either on our website or being prepared for sale to meet our stringent standards.

We’ve made great efforts to maintain our used bike numbers, contacting customers who have multiple motorbikes to see if they want to sell and we continued to buy stock throughout last winter.

Dave Willis said: “A lot of them are bikes we know anyway, having sold and serviced them.

“So our used bike stock is still good.

“If you don’t see what you like in the showroom, or on the website, it’s worth asking us because we have bikes coming in all the time with models going through the workshop and being prepared for sale.”

We’ve even reorganised our workshop, prioritising preparing bikes for sale and PDIs, to get trade-in bikes into the showroom quicker.

Our sales mix has returned to two used bikes for every new one. With the advent of PCP finance, making new models more affordable, sales had been split 50/50 but the shortage of new bikes has seen it swing back in favour of used stock.

Our used stock includes a wide variety of brands and styles of motorbike and some interesting models including Triumph Tridents, Tigers and Speed Triples, Harley-Davidsons and even a Monkey Bike.