New riding season, new crash helmet

If your crash helmet is getting tired, and with the new riding season on the horizon, now is a good time to buy a new one.

We’re now adding the latest helmets to our extensive range of protective headgear which also means good deals on previous-generation headwear.

The latest helmet from the Nolan range is the N80-8. This new range-topping full-face helmet replaces the popular N87.

The helmet has a bold, modern design and is one of the first to comply with the new, more stringent ECE 22.06 standard.

Features include Airbooster ventilation, Clima Comfort inner padding and an ultrawide visor with standard Pinlock anti-mist inner visor and sunscreen. It’s also set up for Nolan’s N-Com communications system.

The plain (Classic N-Com 010) N80-8 costs £199.99 while helmets with smart graphics are £239.99 (Ally N-Com 041; Ally N-Com 043; Astute N-Com 024; Starscream N-Com 035). They come with a five-year guarantee.

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