New range really fits like a glove

We pride ourselves on listening to customers so, finding many needed gloves with short fingers, our clothing experts got to grips with their requests and found a range that are ideal.

We’ve now added gloves from the Held brand to our stock and one style will be the answer to riders and pillion passengers with dinky digits.

Held’s Air N Dry Gore-Tex gloves come in three different finger lengths and we’re stocking regular and short.

Their name derives from the built-in waterproof Gore-Tex liner. You can either put your hand into the lining to keep water out or slide it under so the palm of your hand is kept cool with air flowing through the ventilated material.

Daniel Williams, parts, clothing and accessories manager, said: “I’ve been asked so many times about short-fingered gloves. A lot of people find the fingers of gloves too long.

“That’s why we’ve identified an extra brand. We’ve never had a glove specially designed with short fingers before.”

The Held Air N Dry gloves are priced at £199.99.

We also carry two other styles of Held Gore-Tex gloves – £99.99 Madoc and women’s Score 4.0 at £149.99.