New paddock stand makes light work of moving motorbikes

Moving a big motorbike around can give your muscles a good workout, especially if storage space is tight.

We are impressed with the new Oxford Zero-G rear Dolly paddock stand which makes light work of manoeuvring your motorbike.

It’s great if you need to move a motorbike to gain access to another one or something stored in the garage or shed.

This £119.99 paddock stand has heavy-duty lockable caster wheels. They make it easy to turn your bike in a confined space, ideal for home workshops and garages where space is at a premium.

Just flick the lever to unlock each caster, take off the motorbike’s steering lock and, with the rear wheel raised off the ground on the stand, you can easily wheel the motorbike to where you want it.

General manager Richard Paine said the new stand was part of Oxford’s Zero-G Lite range of front and rear motorbike stands.

“You can move your motorbike in a tight garage. The stand allows you to move the bike forwards and backwards and left and right, without moving the front wheel, so you can spin the bike on its own axis.”

The stand weighs 5.8kg and has a maximum load of 250kg. Bobbin forks are included and L cups are available as an optional extra.

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