New online KTM parts finder will click with customers

We take pride in top-quality service and making life easier for customers.

And our latest initiative is good news for KTM owners.

Our parts department team is currently working on a new system to allow KTM parts to be ordered via our online shop.

It’s still work in progress but owners can already browse the KTM parts catalogue, by year and model, but we’re going to tweak the menu to make it more prominent and intuitive.

Parts, clothing and accessories manager Daniel Williams is working on the latest online shop update to make sure it’s as user-friendly as possible.

The aim is for owners to be able to identify the exact components they want from the various technical diagrams and plans, get part numbers and prices, and order online for ‘click and collect’ or mailing to them.

“It allows customers to find the actual part, and identify it, because sometimes explaining what you want over the phone is very difficult,” he said.

It also means owners will also be able to research and order parts outside of our working hours for added convenience.

Initially, you can access the new KTM parts service by going to our online shop, clicking ‘KTM parts finder’ on the navigation bar and then clicking the KTM logo but we’ll be streamlining the process to cut the number of clicks.

Now the parts diagrams are loaded on to our website, Daniel is working on fine-tuning how it functions.

Good luck Daniel. We’re confident it will work well and be welcomed by KTM customers.

Check it out by logging on to and clicking on the KTM parts finder link.