New models boost Suzuki scooter-commuter range

Suzuki has revealed two new scooters to cut the cost of commuting as fuel prices show little sign of coming down.

The Address 125 and Avenis 125 are due to go on sale in October.

The Address mixes modern curves with retro flair. It features chrome-plated accents, an LED headlight, plush seat, broad footboards and a large analogue speedometer with digital display for added information.

Spacious under-seat storage, with dual utility hooks, and an upfront storage pocket with USB socket make it practical too.

The larger Avenis 125 is sportier with sharp, angular bodywork, LED headlights and tail lamp, two-tone graphics, a full LCD display and front storage compartments.

Both are powered by a new 124cc single-cylinder engine which uses Suzuki’s Eco Performance (SEP) technology for the best balance of economy and performance.

With peak torque of 10Nm at 5,500rpm and peak power 8.7PS at 6,750rpm, it delivers strong torque in the low and mid rev ranges for quick acceleration. Suzuki Eco Drive aids economical riding and a potential 148.6mpg.

Prices have yet to be announced.

Director Dave Willis is a scooter fan and excited by these new additions to the Suzuki range.

“Numbers wise, the scooter market is massive.

“With 148mpg, why would you not consider one for commuting? And they also offer reasonable weather protection.

“You can get through the traffic easily and have enough power not to hold traffic up.

“I prefer coming to work on a little scooter. They’re fun to ride and put a smile on your face.”

You can check out the new Address and Avenis scooters at