My First Bike: Gilera RCR 50

There were two reasons why a teenage Liam McCartney wanted a trail bike.
His friends were riding dirt bikes and, aged 15, his size meant he needed a larger motorbike.
So Liam took to the road on a 2004 Gilera RCR 50.
Well, not immediately because he was only 15 when he bought it in 2010 so had to wait until his next birthday.
“My friends all had dirt-style bikes – CPI Supermoto SM 50, Motor Hispania 50, Derbi Senda 50 and Aprilia RX 50 – so I wanted that sort of bike too,” said Liam.
“And I was a bit lanky and the Gilera was a larger bike.”
He kept it for a couple of years until he bought a car. The Gilera sat in the garage and was not used.
“It was nippyish. The speedo said 55 to 60mph but I don’t know how accurate it was.”
Having paid £630 for it, he sold it for around £200 without an MOT.
This rev-happy two-stroke also had a new engine after the bottom-end bearing gave up.
A customised red and white leather seat was made by a friend, who produced covers and cushions for boats, and Liam also fitted red hoses and a new exhaust pipe.
“I spent loads of time and money on it because I thought it looked really cool,” he added.