Movie motorbikes: Yes Man

Sometimes a movie can stick in your mind for all the wrong reasons. For sales executive Liam McCartney that film is the romantic-comedy ‘Yes Man’.

Liam has an eye for a good motorbike but, even as a teenager, thought something sounded fishy about the Ducati Hypermotard in rom-com Yes Man.

The 2008 movie stars Jim Carrey as Carl Allen who is challenged to say ‘yes’ to everything which results in him riding the Ducati Hypermotard 1100 in downtown Los Angeles.

In the film, Carl borrows a friend’s Ducati, having said ‘yes’ to knowing how to ride such a powerful bike, and races through traffic to find girlfriend Allison. And all he is wearing is a crash helmet and a hospital gown!

While Carrey can ride a motorbike, much of the trick riding is down to stuntmen and custom rigs to make it look like he’s pulling huge wheelies.

It is a fun sequence, featuring some really clever riding with rear-wheel wheelies, front-wheel stoppies and smoking power slides.

But Liam, who was 14 when the movie hit the big screen, remembers it for another reason.

“The reason it sticks in your head is because you can see it is a Ducati, so it is a twin, but it sounds like a four-cylinder bike!

“I’ve not seen this film for years but it sticks in my mind because it is completely the wrong soundtrack for the bike.”

That said, it’s worth checking out the film clip online but you might want to turn the sound down!