Movie motorbikes: TT – Closer to the Edge

Motoring journalist Andy Russell, who writes our newsletter, says the sport documentary TT – Closer to the Edge is the closest he has come to seeing the racing on the Isle of Man…

My 60th birthday presents had a theme to them. They all helped build the excitement to the final surprise that my family had been very secretive about.

I opened a neck tube and T-shirt branded with Isle of Man Tourist Trophy motifs, a calendar of TT racing pictures and then this TT – Closer to the Edge DVD.

And it got even better. The final gift for my big birthday was a week camping on the Isle of Man, with my two sons, to watch some of the TT action in 2021.

I’d been to the Isle of Man, but not when the TT was on, and seeing the racing was on my bucket list.

But we were in the midst of the Covid crisis and that forced the 2021 TT racing to be cancelled and, with it, my birthday treat. Then a must-go family wedding coincided with TT week this year. And by next year, I will have two very new grandchildren which makes it difficult for my sons to get away on a boys’ and old boy break!

I’m sure my Isle of Man TT time will come eventually but, until then, I enjoy the thrills and spills of this brilliant documentary which will have you on the edge of your seat watching action from the 2010 races.

The adrenaline-fuelled 104-minute film, narrated by Jared Leto and shot in 3D, charts the world’s greatest motorcycle road race over 37.73 miles.

It’s a homage to the TT and the way the action shots capture the sheer speed and pinpoint precision of the riders almost makes you feel you are there.

It follows legendary riders, including Guy Martin, Ian Hutchinson, John McGuinness and Conor Cummins, as they prepare for TT week and the races.

It’s a story of freedom, fearlessness and unswerving focus – putting their lives on the line to win and become King of the Mountain.

Interviews help us understand what motivates them in their pursuit of glory, even when things go horribly wrong.

A poignant part is Bridget Dobbs, the widow of Paul ‘Dobsy’ Dobbs who died in the 2010 races, telling how he died doing what he loved.

And you will be amazed how Conor Cummins survived leaving the road at 150mph and he and his bike flying off the Verandah on the mountain course, just missing a wall.

Guy Martin was also lucky to survive a 170mph fireball crash.

Check out the DVD and there’s a second disc with lots more interesting extras and features.

One day I will get to see the TT racing on the Isle of Man for real… but from the safety of the stands!