Movie motorbikes: Bennett’s War

If you fancy a feelgood film with plenty of motocross action, and a good guy overcoming injuries to battle the baddies, then Bennett’s War is right up your street.

This 2019 American drama-sport film, written and directed by Alex Ranarivelo, is a hit with Jordan Tournay-Godfrey, who works in our parts department.

He discovered it on Netflix a year ago and admits to having watched it more than once.

It’s not surprising, given that Jordan does some off-road riding on his KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days and was attracted to the motocross bikes in Bennett’s War.

Marshall Bennett, played by Michael Roark, is an army motorbike rider in the 75th Ranger Regiment during the war in Afghanistan.

The war veteran is medically discharged after an explosion while in combat breaks his legs. Back home in America, he learns the family farm is at risk as his father is behind on his mortgage.

So Marshall decides to help out by returning to the motocross circuit, against medical advice, to win some money from racing.

He wins some races but arch-rival Chris Walker, and his brother Kurt, cause him to have a bad crash and hurt his legs again.

But can he make another comeback and exact revenge on his ruthless rivals?

Jordan explains: “I found it on Netflix. It really caught my eye because of the KTM motocross bikes.”

“So this film was right up my street. Anything with bikes in it will be brilliant,” he added.

Bennett’s War is on Netflix.