Money-saving ways to add style

Motorbikes are more than just a mode of transport. They have looks and character.

That’s why we carry stock bikes and personalise our demo bikes with options we think customers will appreciate.

We’ve hit the mark with our Kawasaki 900s – both Z900 and retro Z900RS.

Customers were so drawn to a Z900 Performance model in the showroom that it resulted in four sales in just over a week. And others have upgraded their 900RS after seeing the extras added to our demo bike.

Compared to the standard Z900, the Performance model gains a large smoke meter cover, gel tank pad, colour-coded seat cover plus the sporty sound and extra performance of an Akrapovic exhaust, finished off with carbon heat shield.

At £9,749, the Performance model is £850 more than the standard Z900 but more than £300 less than if you bought the parts separately.

Stefan Walker, our Kawasaki sales specialist, said: “And, if you buy the Z900 Performance on finance, it doesn’t make a huge difference to the monthly repayments.

“We’ve been selling a lot of bikes with accessories.”

Our 900RS demo bike has been fitted with protective frame sliders, fork protectors, chrome grab rail, radiator guard and Yoshimura exhaust end can. It looks good and sounds good too.

“We put them on the demo 900RS and it’s been encouraging sales,” he said. “Customers have been copying it for their own bikes.

“It makes their bike stand out from the crowd.”

The other advantage of buying a Performance model, such as the Z900, is that the extra accessories come fitted to the bike. If you buy them separately, you have to pay a labour charge to have them fitted. So you save even more money!