Lock it or lose it – simple security tips

Imagine coming back to where you left your motorbike only to find it has gone. It takes only seconds for thieves to steal it but some simple security measures can reduce the risk.

Most thefts are opportunist with villains looking for motorbikes that are quick and easy to steal. So anything you can do to make your pride and joy more secure could help deter them.

We have a range of motorbike security products in stock and our knowledgeable parts and accessories department staff are happy to advise and guide you towards what is most suitable for your needs.

The more types of security you use, the safer your bike should be. But first lock the steering and take the key out!



A disc lock to stop the front wheel turning or grip lock to secure the front brake and throttle mean a motorbike cannot be wheeled or ridden away. They are small and easy to carry but the motorbike can still be lifted into a van and driven away.

Our disk locks start from £25.



You can buy cable locks and D-locks but heavier duty chains with locks are ideal for securing your motorbike to something that cannot be moved. Put it through the back wheel and keep the chain taut, and off the ground if possible, as it makes it more difficult to cut through it with an angle grinder. If there is nothing to secure it to, put the chain through the back wheel and frame.

If parking near other bikes, link your chain with one on another bike so they are joined together. It makes it harder to lift two motorbikes and removing one chain will separate them again.

We have cable locks from £13 and chains locks from £25 with many heavy-duty ones well over £100.



A cover over your motorbike makes it more difficult for thieves to identify the type of bike as they sometimes focus on stealing certain models. Taking the cover off takes time so is another deterrent to thieves.

We stock lightweight and heavier duty Oxford covers in various sizes, for motorbikes with and without topboxes, they range from £25 to more than £100.


Alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices

Many bikes have immobilisers but you could also fit an alarm or tracking device.

We sell Oxford Tracker Vantage tracers which can locate a stolen motorbike via GPS and a mobile phone app. It costs £200 excluding fitting and subscription.

Another is BikeTrac (£300 plus fitting and subscription) which is favoured by some insurance companies as it can also locate a motorbike underground or in a multi-storey car park.

Daniel Williams, our parts, clothing and accessories manager, said: “If there’s a row of parked motorbikes, the unlocked ones are easier and quicker to target.

“Locks are a visual deterrent and something else for thieves to get round. Locking motorbikes together makes it more complicated for thieves.

“And covers means you can’t see the motorbike and it is a hassle to get it off so it is another good theft deterrent.”

No amount of security will guarantee your motorbike will not be stolen but it could reduce your insurance premium by making it less attractive to thieves.

See our full range of locks, chains and covers in store or visit orwell.co.uk/shop/parts-and-accessories/accessories