Licence-friendly Suzuki GSX-S950 offers big bike experience

Looking for an intermediate motorbike but still want a big-bike experience? Returning to riding and looking to start with a restricted machine? Suzuki’s new A2 licence-friendly GSX-S950 fits the bill.

The GSX-S950, available next month, can be restricted to 35kW (47PS), to comply with A2 licence regulations, making it an ideal step up to more powerful machines once derestricted.

Based on the GSX-S1000 platform – and using the same torque-laden in-line-four-cylinder engine – the GSX-S950 produces 95PS in standard trim. Restrictor kits are readily available so it conforms to the A2 licence category.

Despite reduced peak power compared to the GSX-S1000, the 950 still makes use of the donor engine’s creamy mid-range to produce peak torque of 92Nm. It has the same slip-and-assist clutch aiding smoother downshifts and slicker upshifts under hard acceleration.

It also uses the same twin-spar aluminium frame and superbike-derived swingarm and rear shock but, to make it more affordable and accessible, it has 43mm KYB front forks and Tokico front brake calipers.

An electronics package comprises three-mode traction control, low RPM assist, easy-start function and ride-by-wire throttle from the GSX-S1000.

It shares the new GSX-S1000’s aggressive, angular styling, stacked LED headlights and LED tail light.

The GSX-S950, finished in white and red, a matt black and a metallic triton blue colour schemes, is expected to be priced at £9,999.

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