KTM’s 2021 street bikes arrive in showroom

The new 2021 model year KTM street bikes range is finally here after a long wait.

We have been patient and are pleased that, despite the delay, the new bikes have arrived in time for the showroom reopening on Monday 12 April.

Director Dave Willis said: “They were a little late but we’re now back to where we should be.

“The bikes should’ve started trickling into the showroom in January but they arrived in the last two weeks.

“We’ve now got models from the whole street bikes line-up.

“It’s great that, when we reopen the showroom, we now have the new KTM models to show people,” he added.

We’ve also taken on the KTM off-road franchise for Suffolk and the new MX and Enduro ranges should be here in May and June.

See the latest KTM street bikes range at orwell.co.uk/ktm/new-ktm-motorcycle-range