KTM PowerParts must-have options for personal touch

KTM PowerParts are a must for owners looking to personalise and bring out the best in their motorbikes.

They are such an important part of KTM ownership that many riders will spend 10 to 15%, and sometimes even more, of the bike’s retail price on adding PowerParts.

Sales manager Mark Trench said PowerParts accessories were very important because KTM owners tend to personalise their motorbikes more than other brands.

“They know KTM does a quality range of accessories made to fit their bikes perfectly.

“If other manufacturers could take a similar approach, and put as much effort into accessories as PowerParts is doing, then they could learn from them.”

KTM PowerParts combine strenuous in-house R&D and collaborations with the leading aftermarket performance brands to create the ultimate catalogue of personalisation and performance parts.

All PowerParts items have been designed and specifically developed to bring out the very best from the motorbike.

What owners choose tends to depend on their style of KTM motorbike.

Adventure owners like practical, all-weather options such as heated grips and heated seats. Panniers and luggage are also popular for touring.

Riders of KTM’s super naked motorbikes go for style and sound with full Akrapovic exhaust systems, to improve performance and the note, and bar-end mirrors.

Sump protection and hand guards are popular options for KTM enduro riders.

Rear seat covers are in demand for 890 and 1290 Dukes.

And then there are just those PowerParts you want because they look good.

They include wavy brake discs, orange sprockets, colour-coordinated orange oil filler plugs and chain guides and carbon fibre panels.

Mark said that the right PowerParts definitely make a motorbike more desirable and valuable and easier to sell on.

Check out the KTM PowerParts range in our online shop or at ktm.com