Keep cool and comfortable this summer

Bikers are dreaming of a long, hot summer but the thought of some irresponsible idiots riding in shorts, T-shirts and trainers is a nightmare.

Modern, lightweight protective clothing means the old adage of ‘Sweat it or regret it’ in thick, heavy jackets, trousers, boots and gloves is a thing of the past.

Now riders can have a summer riding wardrobe combining smart, casual styling with certified safety armour.

Daniel Williams, our parts, clothing and accessories manager, says: “As soon as it warms up, people’s mentality changes and they get fed up wearing their hot, winter jacket.

“If you have a ski jacket, you don’t go out wearing that in the summer!”

Wearing the right clothing for the conditions is also a key part of safer riding.

“Being comfortable, and not being distracted, when riding is safer than being hot and bothered. But you don’t want to not wear protective motorbike gear.”

The big sellers are reinforced motorbike jeans which come in a variety of styles and shades of denim. They’re also available in different abrasion-resistant materials and colours.

Single-skin jeans are lighter because, instead of having a separate protective Kevlar or Aramid lining, they’re made of special Cordura material containing strong, hi-tech abrasion-resistant fibres.

They still feature knee armour but are more breathable. While they meet CE-approved safety standards, they do not offer the same protection as jeans with that extra layer of material.

The trousers are rated A, AA and AAA with the latter offering the most protection.

Available for men and women, various fits are available. including loose fit, regular, tapered, skinny or slim fit.

“You have to make your choice based on both comfort and the safety scale,” he said.

“It makes your ride more enjoyable and you can wear this clothing much more as casual wear when you arrive at the end of your journey.”

We stock trousers from sister brands Route One and Merlin, the former the entry-level clothing and the latter a more upmarket offering, as well as popular Rev’It jeans. Prices range from £79.99 to £219.99.

There are plenty of options to replace that heavy winter jacket.

How about the Merlin Axe shirt with shoulder and elbow armour at £139.99. Ideal for warm weather the checked shirt has fashionable style and is availabe in grey and red.

The £189.99 Alpinestars Chrome Street hoodie, with detachable hood, is also casual wear. As well as armour, it is ready for the Tech-Air 5 electronic airbag vest for even more protection.

If you want a more traditional jacket check out the Rev’It Eclipse, at £130, with mesh panels and a pocket for an optional back protector.

Moving up, the Rev’It Action H20, at £269.99, has reflective mesh and a waterproof liner which can be removed.

Why would you not want to wear gloves when you can get summer gloves with vented knuckle protection?

Check out Rev’It’s Mangrove gloves for £59.99 – a small price to pay for added comfort and not struggling to get off hot, sticky gloves.

We also stock short, lightweight boots.

Alpinestars Faster 3 Rideknit boots feature ‘knitted’ panels for ventilation and cost £159.99.

The £99.99 RST Tractech Evo 3 boots are made from perforated material to let air in.

If you need some added protection from rain showers you can buy waterproof over-trousers and jackets that pack small and can be strapped to the seat if there is nowhere else to stow them.

Daniel added: “Everything we sell is made for motorcycling and CE approved. There’s no right or wrong but comfort is an important part of riding safely.”

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