Kawasaki Z900RS retro route back to biking

When Orwell Motorcycles team member Joe Lowe returned to two-wheels, after a 28-year lay-off (!). he took the retro route with a new 2021 Kawasaki Z900RS.

Kawasaki has released all its 2021 colour schemes for the Z900RS and we now have the full line-up in our showroom: candytone green, ebony, and metallic spark black. Joe chose the ebony scheme for his Z900RS. Here’s the ‘Lowe-down’ on his iconic steed…

The Z900RS is fitted with a liquid-cooled, in-line, four-cylinder 948cc engine, adjustable suspension and powerful radial-mounted disc brakes. It means this modern classic has plenty of usable punch, compliant but sporty handling and very capable stopping power, compared to the original Z1 model of the 1970s to which it pays homage.

Since Kawasaki launched the Z900RS in 2018, it’s been one of the brand’s best-sellers each year and this year is no exception.

This bike has a winning formula as it was not released as a nostalgic replica but as a redesign of the classic bike.

There are many similarities to the original Z1, along with modern updates, but Kawasaki has kept the true spirit intact.

A brief history of the Kawasaki Z1

The Kawasaki Z1 gave the world its first true super bike.

Introduced in late 1972, the Z1 was Kawasaki's first four-cylinder, four-stroke motorbike.

With its 903cc, 82hp engine, it was the fastest production motorbike sold in the world and could reach 130mph.

Released in Europe in candy tone brown/orange and candy tone yellow/green, you can see the heritage has been continued in the Z900RS.

The Z1A was released in 1974, finished in the same colours, with some redesigns to the bodywork and improvements to the carburettors to improve cold starting. Kawasaki had sold more than 80,000 units by the end of 1974.

The Z1B was introduced in 1975 with further minor changes to the paintwork and markings as well as changes to switchgear and revised dampers and springs.

The Z900RS continues the success of this model’s lineage and it’s worth repeating that we currently have all 2021 models to view in our showroom.

Find out more about the Z900RS range at orwell.co.uk/kawasaki/new-kawasaki-motorcycle-range/modern-classic/z900-rs

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