Hear, hear to protecting your ears!

Loss of hearing creeps up on you and many older riders are paying the price of not protecting their ears when they were young and carefree.

Most riders and passengers now realise the importance of wearing earplugs to help block out unwanted, harmful noise. It’s a small price to pay to help protect your hearing.

Daniel Williams, parts, clothing and accessories manager, said: “Hearing loss is a long-term hidden issue. The effects of noise happen further down the line, years later. When you are young, it’s easy to think it won’t affect me.”

We have earplugs to suit all budgets so, if you don’t currently wear them, we can give you advice and it will not cost much to find what suits you best.

“They are not a one-size-fits-all so please visit the showroom and ask our advice.”

Our loose Honeywell Max and Laser Lite earplugs start at just 49p for a single pair in a bag. They are designed to be disposable and changed after being worn a few times.

Step up to reusable Moldex Comets earplugs and, for £1.80, they come in a container to keep them clean in your pocket. They are also joined by a cord so you can hang them round your neck when not wearing them.

Our Pinlock and Oxford earplugs, which feature filters to help keep your inner ear cool while suppressing wind, helmet and engine noise, are £19.99. They also come in a container and can be washed and reused.

The Pinlock case includes two medium and two large earplugs, so you can choose the best fit, and one pair of filters.

Packs of Oxford earplugs are a popular choice with people who change them regularly or have multiple riding jackets and want to make sure they always have a pair to hand.

Oxford does two multi packs of earplugs. A pack of 50 pairs of orange Oxford Honeywell brand earplugs is £17.99 and a 25-pair pack of yellow 3M brand £11.99.

Daniel said the yellow ones were softer and bigger and recommended them for people who have not worn earplugs before.

Once they’ve got used to wearing them, they can then progress to other types if they want.

“A lot of people now wear earplugs. You’re in the minority if you don’t wear them. Even if you have a good helmet, you still need to wear some ear protection.

“I always have a couple of packs in the pocket of my jacket, or inside my leather suit, so I can’t forget to wear them.”

While designed for motorbike riders and passengers, some people also use the earplugs if they have noisy neighbours or find the cinema too loud.