Happy New Year and farewell to tough 2023

It’s fair to say that 2023 was a year of ups and down. It started off on the up but a downturn in the economy and rising interest rates meant tougher trading conditions.

But we go into 2024 full of hope for the new year and encouraged by signs that interest rates are set to come down which will help boost business.

Dave Willis said: “Last year started with great promise.

“We had a record January. February and March were also very encouraging but, by April, we realised the cost of living and interest rate rises were starting to kick in.

“Business slowed down and, while it remained steady, we had ordered our stock expecting another bumper year.

“So we had plenty of stock, most of which we’ve now shifted.”

There are positive signs that things will improve in 2024.

“There are encouraging signs that interest rates will drop which will be good for business.

“People won’t leave money in the bank to get a return on it and mortgages will come down which will free up some money for a lot of people.

“I’m feeling more positive about this year because the cost of living crisis is hopefully easing and interest rates are coming down.”

We also have a lot of exciting new models coming from all three of our manufacturers which will create a lot of interest and help bring people into the showroom.

Kawasaki is gearing up for the 40th anniversary of the Ninja with host of special colour schemes, new electric and hybrid motorbikes, new Ninja and Z500 middleweights and the Eliminator 500 cruiser.

KTM has the new 1390 Super Duke R and R Evo and forthcoming 990 Duke.

Suzuki weighs in with the £14,499 GSX-S1000GX sports crossover tourer, road-focused V-Strom 800RE adventure bike at £9,699 and £8,899 fully-faired GSX-8R sportsbike.

Check out all the Kawasaki, KTM and Suzuki motorbikes at: