Hands up if you want heated gloves

Starting to feel the cold with frozen fingers? Well, you’ll really warm to some very clever heated gloves to keep you cosy.

Ixon’s IT-ASO Clim8 gloves are battery powered and have an intelligent heating system.

Just download the app on your Apple or Android smartphone, link it to the gloves via Bluetooth, and then comes the really clever part...

Put the gloves on when your hands are at a comfortable temperature, such as when you are indoors, and their thermal sensors calibrate how warm your hands are and set that as the optimal temperature to the nearest degree.

The gloves heat only when necessary to maximise comfort and performance, with the sensors regulating the temperature to your desired choice, as set on the app.

The heating elements are positioned on specific areas for the best experience.

Because the batteries are not heating the gloves all the time, it preserves charge so battery life is three or four hours on average. A full charge takes up to 3.5 hours.

An LED light on the gloves flashes when battery life is down to 20%. You can also check how much battery power is left on the app. Your smartphone will also tell you when battery life is down to 20%.

Dave Forster, parts, clothing and accessories manager, said: “It’s like having a thermostat. When you put your hands in, the gloves turn on automatically. And, when you take them out, they turn off again.

“We’ve sold quite a few pairs and customers have been very happy.

“The one thing that’s different to other heated gloves is that your hands never feel too hot, so you don’t really notice you’re wearing them.”

And you don’t have to wear them only when riding your bike. They will also keep your hands warm and snug at outside events, such as watching a football match, on cold days.

The Ixon IT-ASO Clim8 gloves are priced £299.99 and come with a charger and two batteries.

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