Get in gear for the new season

The weather is warming up and more bikers are taking to the road so it’s a good time to check your bike, lid and protective clothing.

If you’re looking to invest in riding gear, we’ve got attractive new ranges and products in stock.

And a new product creating a lot of interest is the Ixon airbag vest which is worn under protective clothing.

Unlike most other body airbags, the 1.3kg Ixon vest isn’t inflated by a cord attached to the bike if the rider falls off but uses a gyro mechanism.

Parts and clothing adviser James Wright says: “You can set it to road or race mode and it detects if you’re coming off your bike and inflates the vest.”

The Ixon airbag vest costs £379.99, plus a £10 monthly subscription for Ixon data updates, but is already proving popular with track-day riders.

As a leading stockist of stylish Rev’It clothing, we have new leathers, textiles and race suits in our showroom or you can buy through our online shop.

With Adventure, Urban and Sport styles, there’s plenty of choice for bikers after a more casual or retro look but still with crash protection.

Rev’It is ideal for riders who want to be safely and smartly dressed when riding out on social occasions.

We’ve also got the all-new Shoei GT-Air II while the NXR sports and Neotec II flip-front helmets get new colours for 2019.

The Caberg and MT ranges also feature new helmets.